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Ken Young 20 Zone

Going Square

Don’t be a square When I was a teenager, ‘square’ was a slang word for someone who was old-fashioned, or out of touch. According to an online thesaurus, synonyms include fogey, conservative, traditionalist, conventionalist, diehard, conformist, bourgeois, museum piece, fossil,…

Ken Young Crossing_95%

Black And Blue

Nearly finished My featured image shows my latest watercolour, about 98% complete. At this stage, the main colours are black and blue … not forgetting the light brown wash across the lower foreground. Is there more to this scene than…

Ken Young Street Scene

The Demo Is In The Details

On Monday evening, I provided a painting demo (demonstration) at Dalgety Bay Art Club. The theme was "painting the details". I wanted to try out a new format. What usually happens at a club demo is that they ask you…

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