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Walking On Sunshine

On a visit to Glasgow, I took some camera shots along busy Queen Street, directly into sunlight. The photos turned out blurry, with lots of weird lens flares that I sort of liked. So I challenged myself to paint a scene from them. I simplified many details, turning figures into silhouettes and incorporating some flare effects.

Not long after I finished the painting, I was out driving when I heard the old song “Walking On Sunshine” by Katrina and the Waves being played on the car radio. It was the perfect title.

More than one person has asked if I’m the foreground figure with the backpack, as the body shape looks about right for me. No, it’s someone else!

This painting now hangs in the home of noted watercolour artist, Kelvin Burgoyne. I’ve got two of his.

Framed watercolour painting. Painting size: 10 x 14 inches / 26 x 36 centimetres.

Sorry, this painting is not available for sale.

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