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Vintage Glass


As you may know, I like to paint still lifes. (Or should that be still lives? No, I don’t think so.) It’s possible to assemble a setting from just about anything you have handy, but it’s good to have a selection of favourite props to work with.

Among my props, I have a few old glass bottles and some glass spheres. The spheres often appear in my paintings of cherries. I’ve combined them for this particular still life, Vintage Glass. However, I ought to be honest, so I need to acknowledge that the amber-toned bottle belongs to my artist pal, Colin Joyce. He kindly loaned it to me. I love its colour.

Viewpoint, Light And Colour

As a change from painting my set-up straight on, I chose to look down on it from above, at a bit of an angle. This allowed me to include cast shadows and the elliptical tops of the two bottles.

I liked the way that the light passed through the glass objects and intruded into the shadows. Another interesting element is the green passage in the larger bottle, produced by the combination of that bottle’s orange-yellow tone and the blue colour of the other bottle partly behind.


If the background looks slightly grey to you, that’s because it is. I tinted the paper with pale washes of blue-grey at the top merging into brown-grey lower down. These tints are almost invisible but they help to make the white patches in the bottles and shadows stand out.

Unframed watercolour painting. Size 8.5 x 11.8 inches / 21.5 x 30 centimetres.

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