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Still Water

“Still Water” depicts a part of the inner harbour at Dysart, in Fife, Scotland. It’s very sheltered there. Sometimes the water will go as still as a mirror, even if it’s choppy in the outer harbour.

On this occasion, it was a cloudless summer evening. The sun was close to setting. A rosy glow in the sky competed with a fading blue, reflecting in the water.

The light and colour brought a dull area to life and made the reflections of the boats and masonry really stand out. Luckily for me, I got the pink wash right first time (for once). For me, the real challenge was the drab, crumbling harbour wall on the right. With repeated applications of dull grey and green paint and a bit of scumbling (a good word, scumbling), I eventually resolved it to my satisfaction.

By the way, for anyone who may be interested, they used Dysart Harbour as a setting in the TV drama Outlander. Though I don’t suppose these particular boats featured.

Unframed watercolour painting
Painting size: 14 x 21 inches / 36 x 53 centimetres

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