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Salt And Battery

When you pair two items for a simple still life composition, the larger one usually dominates. However, in Salt And Battery, it’s the smaller object, the battery, which is dominant. That’s due to its stronger colour, its wider range of tone, and its graphics. The larger salt shaker can’t compete.

You used to see a lot of these glass salt pots with plastic tops around. Mostly in places like chip shops and cafes. Yet I had trouble finding one. I guess that people want more style in their condiment dispensers nowadays. The local charity shops didn’t have any. Finally, I came across the salt pot along with a companion pepper pot in a budget homeware shop. The price was only £1.99 – I couldn’t go wrong with that.

Unframed watercolour painting: 5 x 7 inches / 13 x 18 centimetres.

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