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Pretty In Pink

I can understand the Japanese fascination with cherry blossom. The pink flowers aren’t just beautiful, they represent the arrival of spring, new life and warm weather. Other fruit trees produce blossom too and here in Dalgety Bay there are lots of them coming into flower right now.

The blossom in Pretty in Pink

My painting, Pretty in Pink, shows a cluster of pink blossoms seen from below the tree – that’s why there’s blue sky in the background. And the flowers, of course, are back-lit, so they’re at their lightest around their outer edges. In fact, they’re mostly in the shade.

How I painted the blossom

I did a light pencil drawing first, then started painting by working around the blossom with cobalt blue watercolour paint for the sky. The next stage, which was the longest, was to build up layers of pink colour on the flowers. This took me from very pale pinks to a dark, purplish pink. Here and there I added black cores to individual colours. Lastly, I put in more dark touches for the leaves, stalks and twigs.

The challenge was to create dark, shadowy pinks that are believable, without making the blossom look too heavy or muddy.

Unframed watercolour painting. Size 6 x 6 inches / 15 x 15 cms.

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