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Low Petergate

This urban scene features a street called Low Petergate in York, England. It’s a medieval street in the ancient heart of the city, a place which reeks of history.

There are similarities between this painting and my earlier painting, Camden Conversation, although the locations are different. For one thing, both paintings rely on a pattern of red shapes for dramatic effect. For another thing, in both I set out to loosen up my usual tight, controlled style a bit. In “Low Petergate”, the looseness is mostly in my treatment of the buildings, though I’m sure many other painters wouldn’t describe the treatment as loose. It’s loose by my standards, that’s all I’m saying.

I put more detail into the pedestrians strung across the foreground. Since most are walking away, I chose for contrast’s sake to have one figure – the red-scarfed lady, third from the left – come towards the viewer.

I used this painting a couple of days ago – it was then about 90% complete – to illustrate to an audience at a painting demo how I add the final details. To read why I did that, check my blog post on the subject.

Unframed watercolour painting

Size: 8.5 x 11.8 inches or 21.5 x 30 centimetres

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