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Leaving The Train

“Leaving The Train” is a very detailed painting, which took many hours of work. The story here is that I happened to be one of the last people to exit a train when it arrived at Edinburgh Waverley Station. (I might have been dozing.) The other passengers were already halfway along the platform. Then I had one of those flashes of inspiration that people talk about. They’re quite rare, in my experience. Nimbly (that’s also rare for me), I pulled out my pocket camera and started snapping. Later I found that this had given me plenty of great reference material for a painting. I think they call that serendipity.

This reminded me that a good subject can appear in front of you, out of the blue. You need to be ready to deal with it.

Framed watercolour painting. Painting size: 12 x 21 inches / 30 x 53 centimetres.

Sorry, this painting is not available for sale.

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