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Glass Half Full

Well, I can’t help it, I love painting cherries. I must have said so several times in my portfolio and blog entries by now.

Painting the cherries

I did this one, Glass Half Full, to take to a demo at Stirling Art Club, which I talked about in my blog yesterday. Each cherry has had 6 or 7 coats of paint, to get the intensity of colour I want. I use Cadmium Red and Neutral Tint, mostly. (Cadmium Red is already a dense, opaque pigment, compared to most watercolours.) Piling layer on top of layer like that, you reach a point where the paint can’t sink into the paper any more. Then it dries differently, forming jagged edges. Fortunately, you can easily break these edges down and blend them in with a damp brush. In contrast to the cherries, the grey background is a single wash. The glass items maybe have 2 or 3 applications of paint.

Masking highlights

By the way, I preserve the white highlights with masking fluid. It’s a liquid latex you apply with a brush or other applicator. When the latex dries, you can freely paint over it. Later, you rub it off and you have pristine white paper where it was. I’m not a big fan of the stuff but it definitely has its uses.

Good fun

As well as painting cherries, I like to paint glass too. So, I look on these cherry still lifes as a bit of good fun for me.

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