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Frozen Fall

This is a winter landscape, showing a frozen waterfall amid snow and rocks. I gave the scene a monochrome treatment which pretty much represents the way I saw it in real life. It stems from a trip made up into the snowy wilds of Perthshire, one afternoon in January two or three years ago. There had been a heavy snowfall the day before, although no more snow fell on the day I was there. Even so, it was cold enough for the water to have turned to ice and as I recall the snow was up to my knees by the time I got close enough to the waterfall to take a few photos. I wasn’t about to try to climb over the fence to get a better look!

To give the painting its monochrome effect, I stuck to a mixture of Ivory Black and Vandyke Brown for most things. However, there are hints of blue in the ice and snow and dull green in the fence-posts. To represent the snow lying thickly on the hillside, I simply left the paper white. As for the fence wire, I drew that in with a well-sharpened 2B pencil.

Unframed watercolour/graphite painting

Size: 8.5 x 11.8 inches or 21.5 x 30 centimetres

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