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Ken Young Dawn Over Inchcolm

The Island

Inchcolm is an island in the Firth of Forth. From the sailing club at Dalgety Bay, the town where I live, it’s only a couple of miles to the east.

There’s a half-ruined Augustine abbey on Inchcolm, plus a scattering of former military buildings from the two World Wars. However, I think I’m right in saying nobody lives on the island these days, apart from one or two caretakers. The place gets plenty of tourist visitors on boat trips from South Queensferry and people can have their weddings in the abbey.

The Scene

Very early one morning, years ago, I forced myself to get up and go down to the shore to take some reference photos. (The things I do for art!)

The sun was just rising as I arrived, backlighting Inchcolm and turning the island into a dark silhouette. Moreover, there was soft light glowing in the sky and in the water, which was very calm. The beautiful colours changed from minute to minute.

There were a few boats at anchor out on the water between the mainland and the island.

Recreating The Mood

I’ve painted several versions of the scene over the years. This one, being a small, simple piece, I did just for practice after my recent break from painting. Besides, I was aiming to recreate the peaceful mood of that early morning, along with the colours I saw back then. The painting turned out OK, I think, and so I decided it was a ‘keeper’.

Unframed watercolour painting. Size: 6 x 6 inches / 15 x 15 cms.

Sorry, this painting is not available for sale.

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