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Ken Young Close

Here in Scotland, there are still plenty of tenement buildings that were built in Victorian times. We use the word ‘close’ to describe the common entry and stairs. It rhymes with ‘dose’ and not ‘rose’.

The neighbouring town of Dunfermline has some tenements. The close I’ve just painted belongs to one of them.

I was attracted by the vivid primary colour scheme – blues, reds, yellows – combined with neutral greys. The sun was shining through the staircase window, creating the strong contrasts of light and dark that I like. Also, I suppose, the scene made me feel a bit nostalgic, as I knew closes like this when I was young. You can see how countless feet going up and down the stairs for well over a hundred years has worn the stone steps. Shabby but still cared for, with original features intact, the place had a feeling of quiet timelessness.


The size is 6 x 6 inches, or 15 x 15 centimetres.


The materials are Winsor & Newton Professional Watercolours on Daler & Rowney 140lb (300gsm) Langton Prestige Cold Pressed (Not) watercolour paper, which is a professional-quality paper.

This painting has been sold.


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