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Who I Am

My name is Ken Young. I was born in Fife, Scotland, and my wife and I live there now. Our home is the small coastal town of Dalgety Bay, which is close to Edinburgh and overlooks the spectacular Firth of Forth.

My Background As An Artist

I’ve loved drawing and painting since my earliest years. After taking an early retirement from the civil service in 2010, I threw myself into painting in earnest. Along the way, I’ve taken a leading role in local art clubs and run courses for their members. I’ve sold paintings internationally and won awards and commendations. Some of my work has featured in art magazines, websites, galleries and large public exhibitions.

For a long time, I’ve seen myself as a realist painter in style. By that, I mean that I’ve tended to paint the ‘real’ world in a representational way. Some people describe me as a painter of detail.

Nowadays, realism is seen as a traditional form of art, but I like to think I give my artwork a contemporary feel. I often portray the effects of bright light and shadow, enhanced by strong colour. My preferred subjects include urban scenes, architecture, boats and harbours and still life. Watercolour is the medium I use most.

Recently, I’ve had an urge to expand my artistic range by exploring the realms of abstract art, collage art and mixed media painting. I’ll definitely continue with my realist work, but I may supplement it with some creative experimentation in times to come.

Offering My Artwork

Being an independent artist, I don’t offer my work through commercial art galleries, whose owners often set onerous conditions and charge high fees and prices. And I may be wrong, but I’ve formed the impression that public exhibitions, once a good source of sales income for many artists, no longer attract the same level of public interest as they once did.

So, as a trial, I’m now offering many of my paintings for sale online, through this website. My Portfolio contains prices and other details. Moreover, I promise to deal fairly with buyers and refrain from the hard sell.

Influences & Interests

I know the internet is riddled with problems and pitfalls, but I look on it as a positive asset. I built this site to take advantage of the many opportunities the internet can offer, and to showcase my paintings to anyone who wants to take an interest.

When I lack motivation, I can go online and be inspired by the works of countless other painters. Art has gone global; there is a whole world of art out there for everyone to experience. Artists whose work I admire are far too numerous to list. Among them are John Salminen, Ian Sidaway, Ron Jesty, Joseph Zbukvic, Bill Vrscak, Jean Grastorf and Dean Mitchell, to name only a few. Incidentally, I’m in the habit of pinning paintings that I’ve enjoyed on several Pinterest boards: click here to see them.

Aside from painting, and looking at other people’s artwork, I enjoy family life, travel, prog rock, reading and taking long walks.

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