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Busy Time

Busy Time

I feel I’ve had a busy time lately, so this is going to be a newsy sort of a post.

As regards painting, I’ve done some line and wash stuff, a watercolour of a Harris hawk for a brother of my future daughter-in-law, and a street scene from Bristol. Elsewhere, I attended an acrylics demo by local artist Eric Petrie, had a night out with my wife and friends from Norwich, went drinking with my university buddies and even did a bit of axe-throwing.

Line and wash

My interest in the line and wash technique continues. I suppose I see it as a sideline to my regular watercolour painting. Here’s a recent example, showing the City Chambers clock tower in Dunfermline. I still plan to start a dedicated Instagram page and I’ve been thinking of opening an Etsy shop.

Ken Young Quarter To Eleven
Ken Young Quarter To Eleven


My older son, Niall, will marry his long-term girlfriend, Kelly, in a month’s time. We’re all busy getting ready for the big event. In the meantime, Kelly’s brother Kevin asked me to do a painting of his Harris hawk, Rio, which I was happy to do.

I worked from a photo Kevin had taken, which showed Rio with a pheasant that Rio had brought down. Not my usual kind of thing, and maybe a bit grisly, but I took it as a challenge. In the photo, the background to the birds was full of dirt, weeds, leaves and stalks. To get the birds to stand out, I opted for a flat, snowy background instead. Anyway, Kevin seemed pleased when I took the finished painting to him a few nights ago. Job done!

Rio (Photo)
Rio (Photo)
Ken Young Rio
Ken Young Rio (Painting)

Bristol street scene

Last weekend I completed a watercolour street scene I’ve titled Sunlit Breakfast. You can view it over in my Portfolio. I treated it as an exercise in painting with a limited palette.

Eric Petrie

On Tuesday evening, Dunfermline Art Club hosted a painting demo (demonstration) by a young, local artist by the name of Eric Petrie. Using acrylics, he worked on a coastal sunrise as viewed from the seaside town of Elie. It was a fascinating event and I was glad I attended. Eric had a nice, easy manner and his style was fluid and impressive. I recommend taking a look at Eric’s Facebook page.


Peggie and I have friends named Joan and Russell who live just outside Norwich. We’ve known them since we were all at high school together. Right now, they’re up here in Scotland, visiting relatives and friends. On Thursday evening it was great to get together with them for some Mexican street food at Wahaca in Edinburgh. I do like Mexican food!

Once every two or three months, some old university pals of mine meet up for drinks and a chat at the Bow Bar, in Edinburgh’s Old Town. We were there on Friday evening, enjoying a few drinks and putting the world to rights. If you’re not familiar with Edinburgh (or even if you are), the Bow Bar is an excellent, old-style pub with a great range of beers and malt whiskies.

Axe throwing

Like I said, my son Niall will get married soon. He let it be known he wasn’t particularly interested in having a stag night but my younger son, Iain, had other ideas. As a result, the three of us plus my teenage grandson Kane (Niall’s son) went axe throwing yesterday. For me, that meant a third trip over to Edinburgh in three days. The venue, the Black Axe Throwing Company, occupies a corner of a complex of buildings in Summerhall, close to the Meadows area.

Basically, after getting some tuition, we spent an hour throwing axes at wooden targets. It was a lot more fun than it maybe sounds. And at least it was something new. Niall did pretty well, but I wasn’t so good at it. I could either be on target, or I could get the axe to stick in the boards, but I couldn’t do both things simultaneously. Afterwards, we went for a meal at Brewhemia, down by Waverley railway station.


This busy time continues. Tomorrow I’m going – guess where? That’s right, Edinburgh again – to do some sketching with buddies from Dunfermline Art Club at the National Museum of Scotland.

Featured pic

My featured pic is an abstract painting I did months ago, just to show I can be versatile. The title is Summer Rain.

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