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Stirling Art Club

Stirling Art Club

Two evenings ago, I had the pleasure of giving a demo (a painting demonstration) to the members of Stirling Art Club.


The venue was a function hall at a community centre in the St Ninians district of the historic city of Stirling. It was a 40-minute journey from my home, an easy drive on quiet roads. Arriving in good time, I entered the community centre where a lively Christian evangelist session was in full swing in what I took to be the function hall. However, I was mistaken – the function hall was the next door along.

Giving the demo

For the demo, I took a couple of near-complete watercolour paintings to work on. The first one was a still life with cherries and glass (yes, another one) and the second was an Edinburgh street scene. Once the audience of about 40 Club members had settled in their seats, the President introduced me and I started to paint. I worked in my usual way, sitting down with my painting lying flat on a table-top in front of me.

The Club had set up a video camera almost overhead, projecting a live feed onto a large screen so that the audience could see what I was doing. They also kitted me out with a headset/mike linked to a PA system, so that I could compete with the worshippers next door. A lot of art clubs, the larger ones anyway, use this kind of equipment nowadays. I’m used to it, so no great problem.

I enjoy giving demos and it doesn’t bother me to keep up a running commentary as I paint. Somehow, I find enough to talk about. In all honesty, I know I talk too much, which slows down the painting a bit. The time whizzed by. My theme was ‘painting the details’, which involves an approach I described in an earlier post. Basically, I was showing how to add the finishing touches. I completed the cherry painting (see my featured pic, above) and made some progress on the street scene.


I want to thank the good folk at Stirling Art Club for being very welcoming, friendly and appreciative. I thoroughly enjoyed doing the demo and I hope they invite me back sometime.

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