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Where Did January Go?

Where Did January Go?

End of January already

It’s the end of January already and this is only my second blog post of the month. Incredibly, it seems like no time at all since I wished you a Happy New Year.

What have I been doing?

So, what have I been doing? In painting terms, the honest answer is not much. I should know by now that when I have time on my hands, and I think I’m going to get loads of painting done, the opposite happens. I fritter away the days, doing other stuff – shopping with Peggie, coffee with friends, looking after my son’s dog. Reading books, going out for walks, and watching TV. I enjoy all of that, I really do, but then I realise a couple of weeks have slipped by and I’ve no painting to show for it. Consequently. I end up feeling guilty. Well, I’ve only myself to blame.

I must do better in February.

A demo coming up

I’m due to do a painting demo for Stirling Art Club three weeks from now. That has had the effect of geeing me up a bit. The demo’s theme is “painting the detail”. Therefore, I want to take a couple of part-completed paintings with me to work on, and I’ll demonstrate how I do the finishing stages. The first of those, a still life of cherries and glass, is well underway. I’ll pause when it’s about 90% done. I’m not sure yet what the second painting will be – probably some kind of urban scene.

Featured pic

My featured pic shows an older painting of mine, “Boat With A Green Hull” – a little fishing boat based at Dysart harbour.

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