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That’s Just Weird

That’s Just Weird

Weird or Quirky?

That’s just weird – that was the unflattering opinion of my 12-year-old granddaughter, Charli, on the idea for this painting. She’d spotted the painting at an early stage, when there was only the black background and white paper to see, and she asked me what it was supposed to be. I told her it would be a painting of an apple in a glass of water. She was distinctly underwhelmed.

I prefer the word quirky, myself. Weird is a just tad too judgemental and harsh, I feel.

Apple In A Glass Of Water

Anyway, an apple bobbing about in a glass of water is what it is, now that it’s finished. Charli hasn’t seen it since her comment, so I don’t know what she’d think now, but I’m reasonably satisfied with the way it turned out. For me, the painting was mostly about shapes (curved shapes, in particular) and light and contrast. As for the subject, who needs yet another painting of an apple on its own? I thought I’d set my apple in a different context, that’s all, and it looked more interesting like that.


So, I’m typing this on a bright and sunny morning, the 24th of December. It’s very frosty in this neck of the woods, though – the closest we’re likely to get to a white Christmas, going by the weather forecast.

Merry Christmas, everyone!

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