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Avoiding Gutenberg

Avoiding Gutenberg

WordPress 5.0

I built this site using WordPress, which is the world’s most popular website management system. Yesterday morning, WordPress upgraded itself to a new version, 5.0. That might have been fine in itself, but they went and included a new ‘editor’ which they call Gutenberg. (The editor is what you use to create/amend webpages, posts, etc.)

Anyway, Gutenberg is a radically different editor to the one in use up till now. And, from the little bit of research I’ve done, it looks like the website developer community mostly doesn’t like Gutenberg. They reckon it’s full of bugs that need fixing. So, for the time being, I’m avoiding Gutenberg.

Classic Editor

Fortunately, I found a simple way to update my site to WordPress 5.0 and not be compelled to accept Gutenberg. I installed a plugin called Classic Editor, which blocks Gutenberg and lets me continue using the old editor that I’m familiar with.

I plan to keep on avoiding Gutenberg till they get the bugs out and it’s working satisfactorily. Then (sigh!) I’ll try to figure out how to use it.

Of course, if you’re just a casual or non-technical visitor to my site, you probably don’t much care what goes on behind the scenes. (You stopped by to look at paintings, right? I hope.) But for me, getting to grips with WordPress was a long and troublesome process, involving a lot of trial and error – and it still is! I’m a painter, for goodness sake, not an expert on website management.

Lothian Road

My featured pic isn’t a new painting, it’s one I did three or four years ago. An Edinburgh street scene with the title of Lothian Road. Clearly, it has absolutely no relevance to the subject of this post. I just needed something that would catch the eye and I thought it would do.

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    1. Thanks for your kind comments, Pat. I’m uneasily aware it won’t be possible to avoid Gutenberg forever. I’m told that WordPress is working the bugs out of it and people are becoming more positive about the way it works. We’ll see…

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