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St Andrew’s Day

St Andrew’s Day

Today, November 30th, is St Andrew’s Day, which is marked “with a celebration of Scottish culture with traditional Scottish food, music and dance,” according to Wikipedia. Sad to say, most Scots don’t even notice it. I’m as much a culprit as anyone. On the face of it, though, it’s a significant day here in Scotland.

Ending my break

I’m going to mark the occasion by ending my break from painting. Three and a half months of abstinence have been long enough to dispel whatever negative feelings I was experiencing. It doesn’t sound like much now that I’ve said it, three and a half months. But that’s a quarter of a year, or more than 100 days. I’ve never downed tools for so long before.

Anyhow, my present outlook is positive. I definitely want to paint again.

I’ve missed my social contacts with other artists through our local art clubs. It’s also time I paid my annual membership fees and resumed attending the weekly sessions.


The pic above shows a painting I started back in July, which I’ve now completed. It’s a small still life featuring some liquorice allsorts, a subject I picked just because the wee thingies are so appealingly colourful. I know some of you who read my blog (for which I thank you warmly!) live in foreign parts, possibly in places where liquorice allsorts are (unfortunately) unknown. So, in case you don’t know, I’ll explain they’re sweets made of liquorice, obviously, plus sugar, coconut, aniseed, and other unhealthy stuff. They’re packed with calories, of course, but they taste good.

I actually had the title, It Takes Allsorts, in mind before I started the painting. A reference to the saying, it takes all sorts to make a world.

Moving on again

I needed the break but I’m glad to be moving on, dusting off the paintbrushes, etc., and getting on with a bit of painting.

Happy St Andrew’s Day!


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