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Feeling Virtuous

Feeling Virtuous

Last Wednesday, around 9.20 pm, when I locked the door of Dalgety Bay Art Club behind me, it was the end of the “back-to-basics” art courses that I’d been running, on and off, since the start of 2016.

Mixed feelings

I definitely had mixed feelings. On one hand, running a class on most Wednesday evenings was a heavy commitment that I won’t miss. On the other hand, I enjoyed the teaching experience and I must say I couldn’t have had better groups of well-motivated, enthusiastic Club members as students. We had some good laughs along the way.

Anyhow, that’s behind me now.

My art box

This morning I was looking at the sturdy Keter toolbox I call my “art box”. I bought it years ago at B&Q and it’s done great service ever since. I normally store all the watercolour painting gear I use regularly in there. But, during the courses I was running, I kept adding other items that I needed for my classes. So, the art box had gotten overfull. Bulging at the seams, actually. And it weighed a ton.

Time to clean up, I thought.

I emptied the box and was appalled by two things: (1) the huge pile of stuff I’d just taken out and (2) all the dust, grime and dried grunge that remained stuck in the box’s nooks and crannies.

With the box duly cleaned, and its contents thinned out, I now have it restored to a reasonably tidy condition. If that’s not obvious from my featured pic, taken a few minutes ago, let me assure you that half of what was in there now has a home somewhere else. And I know where everything is, which is a major advantage I didn’t have yesterday. Please notice how I’ve carefully grouped my tubes of paint according to colour in their trays. No longer will I have to waste precious minutes hunting for that elusive tube of Purple Ochre (or whatever)!

I always enjoy a good clear-out. It makes me feel virtuous. Only temporarily, of course.

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