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Ken Young Newhaven Moorings

Going Wrong

Anguish If you’re an artist, you’ll know the anguish I’m about to describe. You’re well into a painting and you realise it’s going wrong. Sometimes it’s due to a single, disastrous mistake. Or, over time, you become totally dissatisfied with…

Ken Young 2 Trees


In my last post, I talked about painting a bit more experimentally. As it happens – and it’s only a coincidence – I’ve been giving my Wednesday evening class some lessons in mixed media painting. Going experimental My featured painting…

Ken Young IWM

International Watercolour Masters

On 28th/29th April, I attended the International Watercolour Masters exhibition at Weston Park, Staffordshire, along with my friends Colin Joyce and David Gough. Opening weekend The opening weekend was quite something. Too many visitors crowded into the venue’s limited space,…

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