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Not A Leap Year

Not A Leap Year

Not A Leap Year

So, it’s the 28th of February already. It’s March tomorrow. Not a Leap Year, then. It seems like only yesterday that I saw in the New Year. Two whole months of 2018 have gone by already. At this rate, there will be Christmas items in shop windows before we know it. All of which just goes to prove I’ve become an old fogey. Only old fogeys worry about how fast time is slipping away.


Clearly, winter hasn’t done with us yet. As I type this, there’s two or three inches of snow lying on the ground outside. Well, some of it’s snow, and some of it’s hailstones. Conditions are variable. The weather phenomenon they’re calling the Beast from the East has arrived and Scotland is paralysed. School closed, trains cancelled, police warnings not to travel unless it’s absolutely necessary, etc. The Met Office just issued its first Red Warning for Scotland since they started the new colour-coded system. You’d think we’d never had a winter before. I remember real snowfalls when I was a boy, the stuff lying in huge drifts, and we still had to go to school. There I go, being an old fogey again.

Which reminds me, I should notify the members of my Wednesday evening art class that tonight’s session is cancelled. Postponed, really… I’ll do it in a minute.

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