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The Laptop Is Dead… Long Live The Laptop!

The Laptop Is Dead… Long Live The Laptop!

A sudden end

A month ago, my trusty, 5-year-old Samsung laptop began to behave strangely, repeatedly freezing up and flicking between screens all by itself. Alarmed, I backed up all my files onto an external hard drive. Then the problem went away and I forgot about it. But I was going to be glad that I’d done that backup so recently…

On Wednesday last week, when I came home from the evening class I teach, I sat down to check my emails. All I thought I had to do was wake the laptop from sleep mode. But, oh no, there was a blue screen and an ominous-looking error code. Apparently a disk was needed for recovery: a disk I didn’t have.

Making a choice

So, I had a choice. Get an elderly laptop fixed, or buy a new one. I’d already been thinking about replacing the old one. Its keyboard was so worn I couldn’t read half the letters any more. The choice was half-made even before I started mulling it over.

I made a quick visit to the John Lewis department store in Edinburgh. A knowledgeable salesperson helped me figure out what kind of laptop would suit my needs. Soon I was the proud owner of a shiny new Dell Inspiron with more processor power and data storage than I’ll ever use. Easy enough, though of course the process left me an awful lot lighter in the bank account.

Everybody knows the world is moving away from desktop PCs and laptops, toward mobile gizmos. I’ve got my own Android phone and tablet. But I do like a laptop for convenience. It comes down to the larger screen, basically, which is excellent for viewing/editing the digital images I use as photo reference for my paintings.

Moving on

Since then I’ve spent days downloading files, installing features and apps that I like, and so on. Some of it was straightforward and some of it wasn’t. (Don’t mention iTunes to me.) Now I’m almost there, I guess – just a few tasks left to complete. It’s been a more stressful time than I would’ve imagined.

The laptop is dead. Long live the laptop. Maybe I can get on with some painting…

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