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Colin’s Studio

Colin’s Studio

Colin Joyce

Colin is a close friend of mine. He’s also an artist, working in both oils and watercolours. Yesterday I spent most of the day painting alongside him. Colin’s studio is a purpose-built wooden building behind his home in Dunfermline, Fife, only a 10 minute drive from where I live.

To view Colin’s website and his artwork, click here.

The studio

The pic above (courtesy of Colin) shows the studio on a very wintry morning. I think Colin was trying to capture the weather conditions rather than the studio but the photo will give you the general idea.

I said the studio is purpose-built. Maybe that’s not quite the right word, since he had it built from a superior kind of cabin kit that would serve just as well for a garden summerhouse. (The supplier was a company called Dunster House, if you’re looking for something in that line.)

However, Colin had the building fitted out according to his specifications, with the intention of using it as an art studio from the outset. He did a pretty good job of it. It has everything in it that he could possibly need, with just enough space left over for him to operate in. He’s got easels, shelving systems, heaters, a workbench, etc. Sometimes he manages to squeeze a guest artist into the place too, which accounts for my being there yesterday.

Yesterday’s activity

Colin worked on a couple of Highland mountain scenes in oils, trying to get them ready for the Borders Art Fair where he’ll have a stall in March. I got busy finishing this watercolour of a hanging basket:

Ken Young Long Shadow

Ken Young Long Shadow

Someday, maybe…

Me, I get by at home working in a corner of my conservatory. That’s OK, but I must admit I wouldn’t mind having a comfortable studio of my own. Someday, maybe… Who knows?


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  1. Great write up Ken, thanks. Always good to have the company of a fellow artist to paint along with, chat etc and supply coffee of course.
    By the way, that was 3 inches of snow, not frost. Gone the next day though.

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