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I Was In A Dull Mood… But I Feel Brighter Now!

I Was In A Dull Mood… But I Feel Brighter Now!

Sad to say, I didn’t feel much like painting this weekend. That wasn’t due to the dreaded Artists’ Block – it had more to do with yesterday’s miserable weather, dulling my mood. Today the sun was shining, so Peggie and I decided to go over to Edinburgh for a wander about. We had a good day and I’m feeling more positive as a result. Even better, I had my camera and took a few photos which (who knows?) might provide me with material for future paintings. Dare I mention cherries? Yes, I dare. I got a pic of a load of cherries outside a fruit shop.

After a light lunch in a Caffe Nero, we left the city centre to walk down to Stockbridge. En route, I might have toured some of the art galleries, but this is Sunday and they were all closed. Unusually, there was a heavy police presence around. An officer told me there was going to be some sort of political demonstration, though Peggie and I didn’t see any of it. As we passed through the New Town, we noticed vanloads of officers parked in Heriot Row – reserve forces waiting in case of trouble, I guess.

Anyway, it was peaceful, but busy, in Stockbridge. With the street market there and most shops open, lots of people were out enjoying the scene and the winter sunshine. A few hardy souls were even sitting at pavement tables. We always enjoy the Sunday market, a couple of dozen stalls selling food and craftwork all crammed into a tiny space. Peggie bought some cheeses for us to try.

Back home now, there’s a gorgeous sunset. See my pic above, taken from a bedroom window. Sorry about my neighbour’s house getting in the way.

I’ll do some painting tomorrow, honest. I’m in a better mood entirely… the prospect of a bit of smoked brie definitely helps.

P.S. Turns out the demonstration was a protest against Trump’s travel ban targeting Muslims from certain countries. But I haven’t heard any reports of trouble.

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