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The Demo Is In The Details

The Demo Is In The Details

On Monday evening, I provided a painting demo (demonstration) at Dalgety Bay Art Club. The theme was “painting the details”.

I wanted to try out a new format. What usually happens at a club demo is that they ask you to turn out a watercolour painting from scratch in 90-100 minutes flat, which means that you have to pick a simple, straightforward subject using equally simple techniques. Otherwise, there’s no chance you’ll finish it in time. Fair enough, but that’s not really the kind of painting I want to produce. When I’m painting at home, my painting style involves a fair bit of detail and takes time.

So for this demo I took two paintings with me which were partly complete, already. One was a street scene, about 90% done, and the other was the cherry still life I posted about before – about 50% done. This meant that I could show the audience how I add the details to paintings at the later stages. This new approach seemed to go down well. I felt that I was able to put more of myself into it and I think the audience was appreciative of that.

My pic shows the finished street scene from the demo. It features pedestrians on a street called Low Petergate, in the ancient heart of the historic city of York, England.

I describe how I handled the painting on its Portfolio page.

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