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Stage 2

Stage 2

Since I featured my current painting at its first stage in my previous post, I thought I might as well show it at its second stage too. As you can see, I’ve added colour to the cherries and a bit of reflection-type detailing to the glass. And there it stopped, temporarily, because I need to take this painting to work on at a demo. That will happen next Monday evening, along at my local art club.

The background colours were a mixture of Cadmium Yellow and Cadmium Orange. I dulled down that mix with some Ivory Black for the reflective surface on which the glass stands. I’ll come clean here and confess that the reflective surface is the black ceramic hob of the kitchen oven. It looks like a sheet of black glass. Then the cherries are Cadmium Red Deep.

So, there’s a lot of cadmium in this painting. If you haven’t heard of this before, you really ought to take some care with cadmium pigments. As I understand it, not being a chemist myself, these pigments are made with cadmium selenide. That’s a compound of cadmium and selenium. Both are toxic heavy metals. Of course, the paint manufacturers keep the cadmium selenide content at safe levels. You aren’t in any real danger so long as you don’t start eating the stuff or rubbing it into your skin as regular habits.

The reason I’m using the cadmium paints is that they’re relatively opaque, compared to other reds and yellows. A benefit is that these pigments, being thicker than most, have great covering power. Another benefit is that I can lift them off the paper fairly easily with a brush and clean water. This will help me to create more highlights on the glass and the cherries at the final stage, if I need to.

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