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New Year

New Year

A Happy New Year to everyone out there.

So, this is 2018, eh? Right now it doesn’t feel a lot different to 2017. I notice the weather hasn’t changed – it’s just as dreich as it was yesterday. If you don’t speak Scots, ‘dreich’ means damp, depressing, miserable. We get plenty of that sort of weather in Scotland. On a more positive note, Peggie and I just had our special New Year breakfast of croissants with grilled bacon, washed down with latte. Delicious! I’m feeling more human already.

We have one wedding in the family coming up this year, with my younger son Iain marrying Emma in June. And there’s a possible second wedding too, as my older boy Niall proposed to his partner Kelly on Christmas Day, although as far as I know there’s no date fixed.

On the art front, I resume my Wednesday evening classes on the 10th January and I reckon they’ll keep going until April before we finish up. This is the second run of my back-to-basics course and I don’t really see much prospect for a third run.

More immediately, I’m hosting a demo at Dalgety Bay Art Club in a week’s time, on the evening of Monday 8th January to be precise. What little painting I’ve managed to get done over the festive season has been directed towards that.

The photo above represents the early stage of a still life I’ll work on at the demo. It’s one of my cherry paintings – just the background washes done so far. Granted, it’s not much to look at but I’ll do a bit more to it today, I hope. I’ll have a street scene to work on as well. The theme of the demo is “painting the details”, so it’s all about completing paintings instead of starting them.

Apart from that I want to start planning the addition of a shop to this site. At the moment, however, I have more questions than answers to contend with. I guess I’ll get there eventually ….

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