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Ken Young All Ashore

What To Paint Next

The image shows my latest painting, All Ashore. I finished it last night. Click here to view it and read more about it in my Portfolio. I don't know how other painters feel about this issue I'm about to describe.…

Ken Young Outsider

Stages 3, 4 & 5: Outsider

In two earlier posts (New Year and Stage 2) I featured pics and descriptions of a still life of some cherries. Then I stopped work on the painting so that I could take it with me to my art club…

Ken Young Street Scene

The Demo Is In The Details

On Monday evening, I provided a painting demo (demonstration) at Dalgety Bay Art Club. The theme was "painting the details". I wanted to try out a new format. What usually happens at a club demo is that they ask you…

Ken Young Cass Art Glasgow

Glasgow Belongs To Cass Art

Yesterday Peggie and I visited Glasgow. We got up early (it was still dark - that was a shock to the system!), jumped in the car and drove to our local Park & Ride. It was a push, but somehow…

Ken Young Still Life Cherries

Stage 2

Since I featured my current painting at its first stage in my previous post, I thought I might as well show it at its second stage too. As you can see, I've added colour to the cherries and a bit…

Ken Young Still Life

New Year

A Happy New Year to everyone out there. So, this is 2018, eh? Right now it doesn’t feel a lot different to 2017. I notice the weather hasn't changed - it's just as dreich as it was yesterday. If you…

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