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Selling My Art

Selling My Art

Money. Cash. Dosh, readies, spondoolies, the filthy lucre. Call it anything you like, this world won’t let you live without it. For most artists, me included, selling your paintings isn’t easy. People may admire your work, but not be ready to shell out their hard-earned cash to acquire it. And who can blame them, in this age of austerity? There are lots of folk out there struggling to feed their kids, never mind splashing out on paintings. Art’s a luxury.

Sometimes I get together with my artist pals, Colin Joyce and Roy McGowan, to chew the fat. Decent painters both, check them out. We often end up talking about the problem of selling our work. Colin reckons that 80% of all painting sales these days are done online. So maybe offering paintings online is the way to go. I had modest success with that a couple of years ago, through an American website called Daily Paintworks. Recently I’ve been gearing up to do it independently. Time will tell.

I suspect there’s too much art out there competing for too little money. Even so, I like to think that there’s still some scope for success.

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