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Building This Site

Building This Site

I had a site at, which is about to become defunct. I used it mainly to publicise my artwork. It was fine for years but the site began to look dated and it wasn’t responsive to phones and tablets.  An artist friend, Colin Joyce, gave me some pointers about building a new WordPress (WP) site, which he had already done for himself.

So I took the plunge, got myself a new domain name and web host and signed up for the WP Total Theme from a US company, ThemeForest. A theme, for the uninitiated (which was me until recently), is a sophisticated kind of design template for a website. Once you have your theme you can flesh it out with something known as a demo. I chose ThemeForest’s Nouveau demo as it was styled for a portfolio – a gallery of images.

I’ve spent hours whipping the new site into shape. WP is easy to use when you know how, but I didn’t. It was trial and error all the way. I’d make a mistake and compound that mistake by making more mistakes. Very frustrating, sometimes. ThemeForest provides good support, though. Anyway I’m almost there. There are still some tasks to do and refinements to make. The next phase is to add a shop page from which my paintings could be sold.

I can give you 3 tips if you plan on building your own WP site and you’re not all that tech-savvy:

  1. Check out WP themes, find one you like the look of, and pick out a theme demo too.
  2. Watch video tutorials on WP and your theme on YouTube
  3. Draw out your new site layout on paper and get your content and images ready before you start on the site.

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